AGC PAC & Building Constructors Fund

Political Action Committee

AGC PAC provides an organized way for an association to support political candidates, legislation, regulations, or initiatives that promote the construction industry.

What is a PAC?

PAC stands for Political Action Committee. It is a collection of personal donations which can be used to support candidates and legislators who are supportive of the industry.

Join fellow industry leaders to speak with a united voice and contribute to the AGC PAC today!

Call Laura Ziegler, Director of Highway/Heavy and Government Affairs, at 651-796-2194.

Building Constructors Fund

In order to promote the interests of the AGC vertical building construction sector, AGC has established an independent expenditure fund called the AGC Constructors Fund. The fund can receive corporate contributions but does not donate them directly to candidates. Instead, it uses the funds to work independently to elect construction-friendly individuals and keep them in office.