CM-Lean Pilot Series

PILOT PROGRAM:  Introducing the CM-Lean Series in Minnesota - VIRTUAL!

The Lean Construction Series is finally available in Minnesota!  There are 21 sessions between October 27 – December 18, held Tuesday–Thursday each week.  There will be a mix of attendees from different roles in the construction & design industry.  This mix gives us the opportunity to develop Lean Thinking with a cohort in our local community with varying levels of work experience and roles in the industry.  

This is an AGC certificate program that consists of seven units.  Following the completion of all seven units, individuals will have a deep knowledge of both the theory and application of Lean Construction.  Additionally, participants will be prepared to sit for the exam to earn AGC’s Certificate of Management - Lean Construction (CM-Lean) credential.  This course is designed for participants at all experience levels with Lean, including beginners.

Participants will need a computer with audio, microphone, and camera in order to participate in the course.

Dates and Times

Start:  Tuesday Oct 27, 2020
End:  Thursday Dec 17, 2020 

Lean Unit 1 – Week 1: October 27-29,  4 hours, Tues/Thurs (11am-noon) / Wednesday (1pm-3pm)

Lean Unit 2 – Week 2: November 3-5, 4 hours, Tues/Thurs (11am-noon) / Wednesday  (1pm-3pm)

Lean Unit 3 – Week 3: November 10-12, 5 hours, Tues/Thurs (10:30am-11:45am) / Wednesday  (1pm-4pm)

Lean Unit 4 -  Week 4: November 17-19, 5 hours, Tues/Thurs (10:30am-11:45am) / Wednesday  (1pm-4pm)

Lean Unit 5 -  Week 5: December 1-3, 9 hours, Tues/Thurs (9am-noon) / Wednesday  (1pm-4pm)

Lean Unit 6 -  Week 6: December 8-10, 5 hours, Tues/Thurs (10:30am-11:45am) / Wednesday  (1pm-4pm)

Lean Unit 7 -  Week 7: December 15-17, 9 hours, Tues/Thurs (9am-noon) / Wednesday  (1pm-4pm)

Optional Exam Prep: December 18, 2 hours, Friday (10-noon)

We encourage course participants intending to take the CM Lean Exam to do so immediately following the completion of all seven units. Information for the online exam will be provided upon completion of the course.

Location:  Virtual - Zoom Meetings

Description of the Course – Units 1-7:

Unit 1: Variation in Production Systems

          • Understand the different types of variation
          • Learn the concept of throughput
          • Distinguish the concepts of throughput and work in progress
          • Describe the role of variation in production operations
          • List sources of variation in construction settings
          • Explain variation mitigation techniques
          • Contrast variation mitigation techniques

Unit 2: Pull in Production

          • Compare batch-and-queue and continuous-flow production systems
          • Distinguish push systems from pull systems
          • Identify the effects of batching on production systems
          • Identify the effects of pull on production systems
          • Explain Little’s Law

Unit 3: Workstructuring

          • Apply the methods and tools utilized in pull planning
          • Describe the concept of Lean Workstructuring
          • Outline the desired products of Lean Workstructuring
          • Describe the characteristics and application of the Last Planner® System

Unit 4: The Last Planner® System

Building on the work begin in LCEP Unit 3, this course revisits the Last Planner® System (LPS) in greater depth, focusing on the concept of production planning, as contrasted with project management.
          • Following completion of this course, participants will be able to:
                    • Apply the Last Planner System on a project;
                    • Hold make-ready and weekly work planning sessions; and
                    • Calculate, track and analyze percent plan complete for a project

Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly

          • Differentiate between traditional procurement practices and lean supply chain applications
          • Identify waste and value-adding activities within the supply chain and assembly
          • Identify strategies needed at the project and company levels to support the lean supply                               chain
          • Expand lean beyond the individual project
          • Create a value stream map to diagnose and improve the supply chain

Unit 6: Lean Design and Preconstruction-Choose by Advantage Training

          • Defining Design
          • Applying Lean in Design
          • Contractors in Design

Unit 7: Problem-Solving Principles and Tools

          • Team Problem Solving
          • Lean Construction Problem Solving Tools
          • Using Those Tools


Lean Units 1-7 Series – PILOT PRICING (significant discount from regular pricing)

AGC Members: $1,695 | Non Members: $2,195
(CM-Lean Exam registration and fees are not included)

For more information about the certification, course, and exam, click here.

Payment is required upon registration.  AGC members may choose to be invoiced. Non-members must pay with a credit card during registration.

Price includes the cost of the books required for the full course.

Cancellation Policy:  Cancellations must be made at least 7 days before the first day of the  scheduled program to receive a refund. This gives us the opportunity to allow other members to register. You may cancel by phone or email.  No-Shows are not eligible for a refund or credit.

Additional Information:

This class has been designed as a cohort style.  Participants will attend and learn together as one group for the entire duration of all 7 Units.  Sign up for individual classes are discouraged in order to preserve the cohort dynamics.  Exceptions will be allowed only by special permission from the instructor. 

Attendance is mandatory for all 7 Units in order to take the CM Lean Exam.  Up to 4 hours may be missed if special arrangements are made in advance with the instructor.

Instructors will guide the participants through the course material with engaging sessions that include classroom learning, group discussions, and simulations designed to allow the participants to learn and explore Lean concepts before applying them in their workplace.  Preparation and pre-reading of the units are OPTIONAL for the start of the week.  This course has been designed for participants to join in with little or no preparation.

Instructor, Terri Erickson, PE

Terri has over 20 years of experience working in the building and industrial industry as a structural engineer and engineering manager.  She takes special interest in pursuing better ways to deliver projects through synchronizing workflows and improving collaboration between the field and the design office. Terri is now the owner of a consulting firm, Kata Consulting, that specializes in creatively supporting teams as they implement lean in their projects and organizations.  Terri has her CM Lean Certificate.  She also is an Approved Instructor for the Lean Construction Institute.

October 27, 2020 - December 11, 2020
09:00 am - 04:00 pm
Member Price: $1695
Non Member Price: $2195
Spots: 8 / 14 (8 Available)
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