The Resource Podcast

The Resource is AGC of Minnesota's podcast focusing on the voices, issues, and information affecting the construction industry. Listen below, or follow us on Soundcloud to receive notifications on our latest episodes!

EPISODE 13: AGC CEO Tim Worke talks to Dr. Thom Mayer, Medical Director of the NFL Players Association, on the topic of leadership and what it means to lead well in and through a crisis, and how we change culture as leaders. Listen in to get a small preview of Dr. Mayer's keynote address at the Minnesota Construction Summit on January 17, and join us at the Summit to hear his message!

EPISODE 12: AGC CEO Tim Worke has a conversation with Tina Nazier of Wipfli LLP on what it means to be "prime." Learn more about Wipfli's complementary Prime Rapid Assessment for organizations by contacting Tina or enrolling in AGC's Executive Circle program, which utilizes the assessment as part of its curriculum.

EPISODE 11: AGC CEO Tim Worke talks to Tina Nazier (Wipfli, LLP) and Kendra Kron (InSite Contracting) about the professional development program AGC has developed for C-suite executives. Tina facilities the program, and Kendra was a recent participant.

EPISODE 10: AGC CEO Tim Worke interviews Jake Thompson of Compete Every Day, discussing some of the material that Jake will be bringing to his keynote address at the 2023 Minnesota Construction Summit. Register at to hear Jake live in January!

EPISODE 9: AGC Director of Government Affairs Laura Ziegler sits down with AGC of America's Chief Economist, Ken Simonson, to discuss the future of the national and local construction economies.

EPISODE 8: AGC Director of DEI Yolanda McIntosh talks to Shelly Peterson (Promoting Me, LLC), Paul Edlund (J. Benson Construction), and Foster Hackett (Advanced Design Contracting) about DEI in the construction industry, and the initiatives AGC is taking.

EPISODE 7: AGC Director of Labor Relations Mike Schechter talks to CEO Tim Worke about the 2022 collective bargaining season and labor relations in general.

EPISODE 6: The AGC Government Affairs team, led by Director Laura Ziegler, discuss what to expect during  the 2022 Minnesota legislative session.

EPISODE 5: AGC CEO Tim Worke and Futurist Jack Uldrich discuss the changes currently taking place in the industry, those coming, and the leadership skills necessary to navigate the future.

EPISODE 4: AGC CEO Tim Worke and Director of Government Affairs Laura Ziegler have a conversation about advocacy at AGC, and the importance of having a robust PAC to support legislative candidates who support the construction industry.

EPISODE 3: AGC CEO Tim Worke and Director of Safety Services Matt Semerad discuss the history and future of safety within the industry and the association.

EPISODE 2: A conversation with Cal Beyer (Vice President of Workforce Risk and Worker Wellbeing for CSDZ) and AGC CEO Tim Worke on mental health and suicide prevention awareness.

EPISODE 1: A conversation with MnDOT Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher and AGC CEO Tim Worke