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You need Weekly Safety Meetings / Toolbox Talks!

Why Safety? WSM_Meeting_Sample.jpg
You know what OSHA can do when they find violations on your site. You understand that accidents raise your workers’ compensation premiums. You really don’t want anybody to get killed on your jobsite. But what are you DOING to avoid those problems? Weekly Safety Meetings can help.

Why Meetings?
Remind your employees to follow safe work practices. Help them identify unsafe conditions. Keep them thinking about safety and making safe choices. Weekly Safety Meetings help protect your most valuable assets.

Why Weekly?
Shorter, more frequent tool box talks mean better comprehension and retention. Training once a week with Weekly Safety Meetings takes ten minutes or less and you cover four or five important topics every month.

When You Call the Crew
1. Read - simple one-page format
2. Sign - worker signatures provide documentation
3. File - proof of OSHA compliance at your fingertips
4. Get back to work.

Receive your 4 or 5 new Weekly Safety Meetings via e-mail once each month. Note that the $99 price for Premium Membership is only available through AGC of Minnesota.

Questions: Contact Renee Horsman

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