WIC Week 2023: Marissa Goodsky

Marissa Goodsky

cement masons local 633

ABOUT Marissa:

I am part of the BoIs Forte Band of Chippewa and grew up on the reservation.   I saw a flyer about the 12-week MnDOT/Tribal Cement Masons Training Program in 2015 and that started my journey in the concrete industry.  After completing the training program, the Local 633 Training Center helped me find employment with a union contractor and I became an apprentice 2 days later. 

I completed my apprenticeship and became a Journeyworker in 2019.  In 2022, I started instructing for that very same training program that brought me to my career.  Currently, I am working in the field and instructing at the Local 633 Training Center.  

I am very proud of my accomplishments, both in the field and while instructing.   I come from a small reservation up north so to come down here and make the impact that I am making on others—it is huge! We are putting out some great apprentices and changing their lives like my life was changed.  To me, it means that I am on the right path, that I am helping our trade, and trying to create a good pathway for other people like me, to prove that we can do it. This is a great road to be on.

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