WIC Week 2023: Emy DeWitt

Emy DeWitt

assistant superintendent

What are your main responsibilities on the job site?

As an assistant superintendent I am part of the big picture. My day-to-day operations are keeping people moving forward. Everyone on this project has a part of the puzzle that makes things happen. I am responsible for aligning materials and subcontractors when needed or assisting in crew assignments. As a superintendent, I need to be in tune with project specifications, owner requirements, quality, safety and production. Each day brings a new challenge or a new tasks, where everyday I get to learn. Another responsibility I have is working within our own company getting materials from our yard or coordinating with other projects to get the right crews when needed.

What are the things you enjoy most about the work you do?

I love being outside every day and seeing the jobsite change. It’s truly incredible to think about how different this place looked when we arrived in October of 2020 compared to now. I get to walk the jobsite end to end assisting the crews and directing subcontractors. I get to be outside in the sun walking miles a day and  leading a group of incredibly talented professionals.

What advice would you give a young girl who is interested in construction?

Try it! It is just like any other job. You can try it for a few months/years and if you find it’s not for you then try something else! You will never ever know unless you give it a try! Here I am 10 years into it and I am still enjoying this industry.