WIC Week 2024: Brea Koebele

Brea Koebele

director of preconstruction
benike construction
ABOUT brea:

Brea became a part-time estimator with the Benike team in 1998, and her recent promotion has elevated her to the role of Director of Preconstruction. In her new role, Brea oversees a team of five in Benike's estimating department and offers essential preconstruction guidance to customers, spanning from conceptualization to the commencement of projects.

Brea's knowledge and creativeness involved in developing cost models for construction projects, highlights her well-rounded skill set. This makes her a valuable asset to the team and an excellent partner for customers, especially in the crucial phases from project conception to groundbreaking. Her experience and knowledge gained over the years undoubtedly contribute to the success of Benike, and her role as the Director of Preconstruction positions her as a key player in guiding the company through successful project developments.

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