WIC Week 2023: Kamry Gary

Kamry Gary

apprentice carpenter

How did you get your start in construction?

I heard about the union through a cousin. I got the number for the union rep and got started on the process. He told me everything I needed to do to get started, such as finding a company to sponsor me. I called and left emails with a bunch of companies and stayed consistent. I had a job one week after joining the union.

What advice would you give a young girl interested in construction?

My advice to a new girl joining would be to find a mentor, whether it’s a teacher from the union hall or the union rep. You meet lots of people in class too that are a lot of help.

What is one challenge you've had to overcome to be successful?

My biggest challenge when I started was to show the guys I can lift my own weight. I didn’t depend on anyone else to have to help me do things. I stuck to it and learned from the people around me, never worrying I can’t make it because I'm a girl.