Legislative Issues

Legislatively Speaking

AGC of Minnesota represents the construction industry at the state, local, and federal level. We develop a legislative agenda, educate elected officials on construction industry trends and operations, testify at hearings, and monitor and participate in the rulemaking/regulatory process. AGC of Minnesota is a founding partner of the Building Jobs Coalition, administers joint MNDOT/AGC technical committees, and administers a political action committee (PAC) and two independent expenditure committees.

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Legislative Issues - Join the Conversation

Six technical committees provide members with a biannual opportunity to communicate with MnDOT staff and fellow contractors on contractor issues, as well as hear project and program updates relevant to the subject area. These committees continue to foster AGC member partnerships with MnDOT and allow participants to network and share information. Each committee meets once in the fall and once in the spring in St. Paul.

Technical Committees:

  • Bituminous  
  • Bridge
  • Concrete
  • Grading and Base
  • Over Dimension Permit
  • Alternative Procurement

Who can join?
Any AGC of Minnesota member can join; however, priority for committee membership will be given to contractors.

How do I sign up?
Email Laura Ziegler at lziegler@agcmn.org and indicate which committee(s) you’d like to join.

What if I can’t join in person?
Call in/Zoom option is available for all committees.

Contact Laura Ziegler, Director of Highway/Heavy and Government Affairs.