WIC Week 2023: Whitney Larson

Whitney Larson

project safety manager, ames construction
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About whitney:

In 2018, I had recently returned to Minnesota and wanted to try something different professionally. Through a chance encounter with an old friend, I was introduced to my career in construction. My friend encouraged me to pursue a temporary accounting position within her construction firm to see what I thought. Not only did I discover a love for the industry, I also discovered my calling to construction safety. A chance opening on the safety committee opened my eyes to all the possibilities construction safety had to offer. When that company folded in 2020, I set out to pursue my newfound passion full time. A family-owned construction company hired me as an Assistant Safety/DEI professional. They provided tremendous guidance, freedom, and support that would eventually propel me to the rewarding Project Safety position I hold now.

I have been overwhelmed by the opportunity the industry provides and the support from the people and professional networks. The Northwest Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), AGC Safety Committee, and the powerhouse women at the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Minneapolis/St. Paul have been instrumental in my success. Not to mention the several male counterparts who took the time to champion me professionally.

The safety profession is so dynamic. It is interpersonal relationships, personal and organizational development, mental health, compliance, operations, training, equity, inclusion, diversity, and more. Safety professionals are uniquely positioned to stand in the gap between policy and people, office and field. It is a professional privilege to support and empower people to make confident and informed decisions about safety. Moreover, I consider it a personal honor to partner with and serve alongside the hard-working women and men of the construction industry.

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