WIC Week 2024: Amy Thompson

Amy Thompson

Executive Vice president & general counsel

Amy Thompson is Executive Vice President & General Counsel at McGough Construction Co., LLC.  In her role she oversees McGough’s enterprise strategy, legal, risk, marketing, and operational excellence departments.  She is also heavily involved in union matters, serving on negotiation committees as well as serving as a trustee on various trust funds for the Laborers, Carpenters, and Bricklayers unions.  Amy has also been heavily invovled in community service as part of her role at McGough, previously serving on the boards at Listening House of St. Paul, and Hearts & Hammers.

Amy joined McGough twelve years ago after spending five years working for a Minneapolis based law firm.  She was drawn to the construction industry by her family roots in the construction company.  Amy loves several different things about her work.  First, like many others in the industry, she loves that you can see the results of the work her company does. “Construction work literally changes the skyline and it’s very exciting to see something come from nothing, or something new come from something old.”  Second, she loves the people.  “The construction industry is filled with hard-working, down-to-earth, extremely talented, and passionate people, who love building things.  When you are surrounded by such amazing people all the time, it would be very difficult not to love your job.”  Finally, she also loves the fast-paced challenge of the work she does.  “There is never a moment I am bored!  Every day is different, and I am constantly learning new things.  Construction work is filled with challenges and risks which require me to think in new ways constantly to meet the needs of our teams.”

Amy hopes that other women see the real opportunity for successful careers in construction.  “Although the construction industry is generally thought of as being male-dominated, I can assure you there are so many talented and amazing women who are already in construction.  For any women interested, there is real opportunity and a huge network of both women and men in the industry who want to support the continued advancement of women in construction.”

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