WIC Week 2024: Ana Lowery

Ana Lowery

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator
Knutson Construction
ABOUT ana:

I started my most recent role as a Diversity and Inclusion coordinator a year ago with Knutson Construction. I had the opportunity to work at AGC of Minnesota for four years prior to my move.  I gained a comprehensive understanding of the construction industry and was able to immerse myself in various aspects of the industry, including safety protocols and education, legislative issues, and best practices around HR and D&I. The experience allowed me to build a strong network and gain valuable insights in the current trends in the industry that prepared me for my current role at Knutson.

Navigating through life, I understood the importance of hard work and dedication in the face of my own challenges which instilled in me the importance of these roles and creating equal opportunities for all. My passion behind this work stems from creating opportunities and advocating from my personal experiences as an Afro-Latina. It is this understanding that drives me to make a difference in my role.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is the opportunity to witness the impact of my work. Whether it is implementing diversity training programs, advocating for underserved communities, creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and young adults, and organizing events that celebrate diversity, I take pride in being a part of something so fundamentally important. I also enjoy the opportunity this role gives me to connect with people of all different backgrounds. Everyone brings unique skills and perspectives and when a diverse and inclusive environment is made it helps us learn from one another, problem solve more effectively and become more empathetic towards one another. I believe it truly brings out the best in all of us.

In my role I am constantly learning and growing, and I find that both challenging and exciting. I am grateful for the opportunities and support that have brought me to this point in my career, and I strive to create spaces where everyone feels heard and everyone has the opportunity to succeed.  

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