Government Advocacy

Government Advocacy - United Voice of the Construction Industry

AGC of Minnesota plays an important role in the current and future state of construction – at the federal, state and local levels of government. Our unified voice is heard, sought and respected and affords us the power to act as advocates on behalf of our members.

On behalf of our members, AGC of Minnesota:

  • Educates elected and agency officials on construction industry trends and operations.
  • Develops a legislative agenda to help create marking opportunities for all construction sectors.
  • Monitors all legislative bill introductions for impact on the construction industry and respond accordingly.
  • Represents members at legislative hearings and, when necessary, testify on their behalf.
  • Creates and participates in press conferences when appropriate.
  • Responds to press inquiries.
  • Monitors and participates in the rulemaking/regulatory process.
  • Administers a Political Action Committee (PAC) and Independent Expenditure (IE) Fund
  • Is a founding partner of the Building Jobs Coalition.