Labor & Employment

AGC of Minnesota provides members with free resources to help with labor and employment matters. We place a priority on developing good and collaborative relationships with all local unions on behalf of members including having regular communications with union officials and agents about labor matters and participating on several labor-management cooperative committees throughout the State.

Labor Services

Labor Cabinet
We have assembled a small group of large and small member contractors with significant experiences in labor negotiations and management to guide and develop AGC labor issues.

We provide training, assemble negotiation committees, and lead members in negotiating new collective bargaining agreements with local unions. Updates on negotiations progress always are available to members.

Rather than agree directly with each local union, AGC of Minnesota provides to-be-bound forms with many Minnesota local unions. Filing a TBB through AGC of Minnesota helps streamline your processes and keeps us current which unions you are signatory to so that we can update you about developments to your agreement, send termination reminders, solicit your opinions on important labor issues, and ensure your opportunity to contribute to the negotiation committee. Using the AGC of Minnesota form also helps ensure that you are agreeing to the AGC negotiated agreement and not a different or amended agreement.

AGC of Minnesota helps facilitate conversations with labor unions to find business solutions to potential problems, when possible.

Dispute Panel
When a dispute is not settled with a good conversation, AGC of Minnesota can put together a Dispute Panel with member and union representatives to resolve the grievance quickly and finally. Administering the Dispute Panel is free to members and a $300 fee to non-members.

Wage Allocations
We publish for members the latest wage rates and allocations for the trade unions, including a master Excel spreadsheet

We are your resource to help with other issues, from helping establish dual gates to understanding PLA/NMA terms to improving communications with a BA. We also have resources from State industry economic data to AGC America national trends.

Employment Services

HR Forum
AGC of Minnesota hosts a forum to discuss employment matters from sharing best practices to presentations from member experts on FMLA, FLSA, and other issues the Forum requests.

Affirmative Action
AGC of Minnesota can help with an affirmative action audit and program, and understanding and complying with DBE goals.

Investigation & Dispute Resolution
AGC of Minnesota has lists of qualified experts to help investigate claims and neutrals to resolve disputes.

AGC of Minnesota can help, provide or connect members with experts on topics from leave and accommodations, investigations, internal culture, recruitment, discrimination and harassment for internal training.