WIC Week 2023: Adriana Werner

Adriana Werner


Who has been one of your biggest influences and mentors in  your career?

The best mentor I’ve had in construction is one of the foreman here at Ames. His name is Matt Turner and is my “construction brother” but he really took me in when I first got on the jobsite. He taught me all he could, answered all my questions, and still gives me advice off the jobsite. I still bother him and will call him up after work because I have an issue at work or just need a place to vent. One of the smartest men I’ve ever met.

What's one challenge you've had to overcome to be successful?

One of the challenges I’ve had to overcome is welcoming criticism.  No one wants to hear what they are doing wrong but it’s a skill to be able to take the criticism and use it to better yourself.

What advice would you give a young girl who's interested in construction?

To find a good group of people who will push you to your limit but only to see you become a better person. Find the people that have your best interests in mind and will stand up for you even when you aren’t around.

My very small group of people I fully trust are Jim and Matt. Without those two I wouldn't be in the same place with the skills I have now. They have guided me through highs and lows, continuously showing me the right path, which isn't always the easiest. I am so grateful for the both of them and owe them a great deal. Find yourself a Jim and Matt.