2023 Leadership Blueprint Graduation Reception

Join the 2022-2023 Leadership Blueprint cohort as they celebrate their graduation! Hear from graduates on how the program helped equip them as leaders, and then hear from nationally recognized speaker Jake Thompson.

2:30                  Hearing from the Graduates

3:45                  Embracing the Opportunity to Lead | Jake Thompson

Talented people are promoted every day into exciting new leadership roles. Unfortunately, most of those leaders aren't equipped with the skills to excel at this new level and end up despising the opportunity instead of dominating it. 

The overwhelm of drowning in paperwork, managing team drama, or lack of knowledge on how to coach up direct reports can cause even the most talented of leaders to feel like a failure and want to throw in the towel to go back to "what they used to do." They miss out the on the opportunity to impact because they're focusing on the wrong things.

Jake will share the key skills needed to sharpen your leadership influence and transition from drowning in your role to driving positive change in it. 

5:00-7:00          Let's Celebrate!  Join the Blueprint graduates, alumni, and Jake for a celebration reception.

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April 12, 2023
02:30 pm - 07:00 pm
Mendakota Country Club
2075 Mendakota Drive
Mendota Heights, Minnesota 55120
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Price: $30
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