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Valley Paving, Inc.

General Contractor

8800 13th Ave. E.
Shakopee, MN
United States

Division: Highway-Heavy


Founded in 1978, Valley Paving, Inc. specializes in highway construction within the metro area and milling operations statewide. Currently, our projects range from private parking lots, airport runways, and city streets, to interstate highways, covering the aspects of excavating, grading, utilities, milling, road reclamation, and paving. Valley Paving, Inc. also has facilities and resources within our operation to produce high quality aggregates along with super pave mixes, controlling asphalt production from the beginning to the final product. Our mission is to continue meeting extraordinary goals and challenges with an aggressive attitude, to build on acquired knowledge, and to cultivate futuristic techniques.

CSI Codes:

31 00 00 Earthwork
31 23 00 Excavation and Fill
32 00 00 Exterior Improvements
32 12 00 Flexible Paving
32 30 00 Site Improvements
00 00 00 Top Level Parent
33 00 00 Utilities
33 05 13 Manholes and Structures
33 40 00 Storm Drainage Utilities
33 41 00 Storm Utility Drainage Piping