Worker Wellbeing Initiative

It's time to make mental health an industry priority.

Great progress has been made in a short time to increase awareness of the construction industry’s mental health crisis. More recently, the concept of worker wellbeing has emerged, transcending an individualized focus on helping those already in crisis, and instead proactively identifying and working to mitigate the stressors found in our unique industry business model with its inherent demands.  

Spearheaded by AGC, the Worker Wellbeing Strategy Team has embarked on a comprehensive strategy approach that brings together all three industry partner segments (employers, workforce, and project owners) to foster a secure and healthy work environment for all construction industry workers. Engaged and productive dialogue is being focused to identify proactive measures that can reduce industry mental health stressors before they take hold and manifest in crisis outcomes. This holistic approach aims to tackle the mental health crisis that is hindering growth within our industry by prioritizing mental health on parallel with physical safety and wellbeing.

The Worker Wellbeing Strategy Team has set a 3-year strategic plan that includes: 1) crafting a universal pledge; 2) developing a communications plan for both internal and external audiences; and 3) establishing a collaborative action plan with the existing Minnesota Construction Coalition to assure all efforts are aligned and impactful. Our immediate goal is to finalize the Worker Wellbeing Pledge and draft a communication plan and timeline to integrate the pledge across our industry. We aim to launch the pledge with the backing of the State of Minnesota at the third annual Construction Mental Health Summit in December 2024.

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