2021 MN Drought Info

September 13: Drought Update from the MN DNR.

Minnesota’s severe drought is affecting water resources.  Lakes and rivers are down significantly.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has begun to suspend water use permits in areas severely dry.  Here’s how to determine if your permit is affected:

First, check if your project location is in a red zone on the following map (click for higher resolution).

















This map is updated weekly.

If your project is not in a red territory, then your permit has not been suspended.  Check back in seven days.  If your project is in a red territory, then your permit for “consumptive use” water may be suspended. 

Consumptive use, or surface water appropriation, refers to surface water removed from a source.  An example would be pumping water into a truck and then taking the water to a job site.  In contrast, non-consumptive use would be where the water is moved but available downstream or other areas of the source.  For instance, building a pillar for a bridge may require moving an area of water but the water is not removed for consumptive use.

If your permit is for consumptive use and is in red, then you need to contact the local hydrologist to learn if the permit is suspended.  The hydrologist’s contact information should be on the permit.  If not, you can find them here.