Women in Construction Week 2022: Alison Nelson

Alison Nelson

Project Manager, Hoover Construction Co.
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About Alison: 

I have been in the construction Industry for 17 years, arcing many of the disciplines.  Being a female in the industry has had its ups and downs; I have had to “earn my wings” and prove myself.  My interest in the construction industry is part of my DNA - I was essentially born into the industry. My Dad successfully owned and operated an excavating company in northern Minnesota, retiring last year, after 40+ years in the industry.   As 1 of 4 daughters, I was a bit of a “tomboy” and spent a lot of time with my dad playing in the dirt and learning by watching him. 

My first jobs were summers spent working side by side with my dad. I was asked to do everything the guys were asked to do - from running the #2 shovel, installing water/sewer lines, and operating the equipment.  Those summer experiences fostered my interest to continue my career within the industry.  From there I moved on to an Inspector position to get an understanding of the other side of the coin.  Ultimately, construction management is where I found my groove and have spent the past 9 years working as a project manager for Hoover Construction Co.  The best part of project management is working with a team from start to finish, with the satisfaction at the end to say, “I helped build that." That is what excites me.

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