Women in Construction Week 2022: Deanne Anderson

Deanne Anderson

Teamsters Local 120
Deanne-Anderson02.jpg Deanne-Anderson01.jpg

About Deanne: 

Deanne has been a Teamster at Local 120 since 2017.  She drives a tri-axle dump truck for Shafer Contracting in Shafer, Minnesota.  She started driving in highway heavy construction because she wanted an interesting job which presented a good challenge.  Deanne says, "Being a Teamster is belonging to a Sisterhood/Brotherhood.  Construction driving is a good job which can be challenging for women, but is very rewarding." 

When Deanne is not driving or training new drivers, she enjoys ice fishing and horseback riding in her spare time.  "I got my start through the Teamsters Apprenticeship Program. It helped me immensely to get to where I am as a professional driver.  Women shouldn't be afraid to get outside their comfort zone and go after their dreams."

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