Women in Construction Week 2022: Maria Meza

Maria Meza

Carpenters Local 322
Maria Meza.png

About Maria:

What brought you to the carpentry trade?
I’m pretty handy, and my brother used to own a construction company. I am a licensed barber, so some days after I was done cutting hair for the day, my brother would take me to sites to go work with him, and I fell in love with carpentry.

How did you hear about the APEX pre-apprentice training program?
I walked into the North Central States Regional Council of Carpenters’ office and they told me about the pre-apprentice program. I applied that day, and was called in to start the program soon after that. I completed the program in 30 days, and then was hired by a general contractor soon after.

How has your life improved since joining the trades?
I can now provide for my family on my own. I make decent money, so I don’t need to work multiple jobs to make enough to make ends meet. Because of this job, I have bought my own home, and saved a lot of money doing my own home repairs. The trades have provided independence for me.

Any advice to other women coming into the trades?
Hang in there and work hard the first couple months. It’s heavy, hard work, but just because we are women doesn’t mean we can’t outperform the next guy in line.

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