2022 Minnesota Construction Summit

2022 Minnesota Construction Summit

January 11-12, 2022 at the St. Paul RiverCentre

The 2022 Minnesota Construction Summit is the industry event of the year, bringing together construction industry professionals for two days of inspiration, education, and networking!

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Agenda and Program

Tuesday, January 11  
7:00-8:00 a.m. Registration / Breakfast with Exhibitors
8:00-9:00 a.m.

Opening Keynote Address: Jack Uldrich

The pandemic has catapulted the world into a future of deep change. In this engaging, provocative, and insightful keynote session acclaimed global futurist and best-selling author Jack Uldrich will not only discuss how COVID is transforming the world of construction, he explains why it is accelerating many of the trends that were already at work prior to the epidemic.

History reminds us that great crises produce great change – as well as great opportunities. To take advantage of these extraordinary opportunities, businesses must position themselves now to operate in a world where “business as unusual” is the new “usual.” This session will help leaders at every level of an organization leverage ten “unconventional” techniques to succeed in today’s–and tomorrow’s–transformational times.

9:15-10:00 a.m.

Breakout Sessions:

  • MnDOT Duluth/Twin Ports Interchange Project Case Study
    (Harrison King, Andy Reynolds)
  • Cultivating a Culture of Respect, Inclusion, and Civility
    (Dr. Jermaine M. Davis)
  • Building an Ethic of Dignity and Respect
    (Doug Mork)
  • Public Owners Panel: What Keeps Them Up at Night?
    (Jody Jacoby, Gilbert Odonkor, Tom Ravn, Wayne Waslawski)
  • Plan for the Unexpected - Transition and Succession Planning
    (Brandon Maves)
10:15-11:00 a.m. Break with Exhibitors
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Breakout Sessions:

  • Material Delivery Management System (MDMS): Using Technology Through Electronic Ticketing
    (Rebecca Embacher)
  • Leading with an Inclusive Lens
    (Dr. Jermaine M. Davis)
  • Law & Ethics in the Construction Industry (David Lillehaug)
  • What Contractors Need to Know
    (Nicole Blissenbach, Sean Skibbie)
  • Female Executive: Unicorn Living in a Field of Donkeys
    (Shelly Peterson)
12:00-1:30 p.m. Lunch with Exhibitors
1:30-2:30 p.m.

Breakout Sessions:

  • The Nitty Gritty: Open Discussion on Grading Specifications
    (Terry Beaudry)
  • Culture of CARE and AGC Overview
    (Brynn Huneke)
  • Ethical Construction Contracts: Negotiations, Terms, and Compliance
    (Adam Handfinger)
  • Beyond Low Bid: The Future of Alternate Delivery 
    (Peter Davich, Kevin Kosobud, Paul Trombitas)
  • Innovation on Elk River
    (Patrick J. Holtz, Peter Muehlbach)
2:45-3:45 p.m.

Breakout Sessions:

  • Underground Damage Prevention: Local Initiatives to Improve Safety with Utility Locates
    (John Haas, moderator; Allen Gray)
  • Sharing Best Practices to Engage MWBE Contractors
    (Kisha Bausby)
  • Construction Contracts
  • How to Leverage Your Industry Passion to Produce Market Opportunities
    (Jason Rarick, Laura Ziegler)
  • Connected Maintenance: Leveraging Technology and Human Insights to Improve Performance and Increase Operational Reliability
    (Anne Bushman, Sam Johnson, Scott Hislop, Marv Soldner)
3:45-6:00 p.m. Platinum Sponsor Reception with Exhibitors
Wednesday, January 12  
8:00-8:30 a.m. Registration/Breakfast
8:30-9:30 a.m. Keynote Address: Chris Heeter
9:30-10:30 a.m.

Breakout Sessions:

  • Survival Tactics and resilience Strategies in the Aftermath of Construction Crises
    (Cal Beyer, Rob Dahl)
  • Toolbox Talk: Jobsite Culture Focused on Making a Difference
    (Christa Mardaus)
  • At the Core of the Construction Sector and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    (Laura Ziegler, Jamie Long)
  • Leading Through the Generations
    (Tina Nazier, Alyson McKinster)
  • Let's Raise the Bar on RFI and Submittal Process
    (Terri Erickson)
10:30-10:45 a.m. Break
10:45-11:45 a.m.

Breakout Sessions:

  • Your Project, Your Team: Making the Most of Your Most Valuable Asset - the Mind
    (Jonathan Zentner, Rachel Zentner)
  • De"Constructing" Cyber Risk
    (Sharon Scharf)
  • Constructing a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion - Where Do We Start?
    (Jalaal Madyun)
11:45 a.m. Brown Bag Lunch


Session Descriptions

2022 Minnesota Construction Summit Sessions by General Topic:

Advocacy and Regulatory Compliance

Date/Time/Speaker Session Description

Tuesday, January 11


Jody Jacoby, Gilbert Odonkor, Tom Ravn,  Wayne Waslaski

Public Owners Panel (What Keeps Them up at night?)

Hear from the Department of Administration, MnDOT, Hennepin County, Met Council, and other public facility owners on their future plans, goals, and project delivery.

Tuesday, January 11


Nicole Blissenbach, Sean Skibbie

What Contractors Need to Know

Stay up to date on the current status on existing and emerging regulations affecting construction. COVID rules, wage theft, prevailing wage, DBE  more. 

Tuesday, January 11


Peter Davich, Kevin Kosobud, Paul Trombitas

Beyond Low-Bid: The Future of Alternate Delivery

In 2018, FMI indicated that Design-Build methods would represent nearly half of construction spending across markets by 2021. What does the research show? How does MN fit in - or not - with alternative delivery model trends? More specifically, learn how MnDOT plans to use methods like Construction Manager - General Contractor in the the future with recent changes in law.

Tuesday, January 11

Jason Rarick, Laura Ziegler

How to Leverage Your Industry Passion to Produce Market Opportunities 

Working with elected and government officials on industry issues is the key to success for the future of construction. Meet some of construction's biggest champions in MN and hear how to efficiently maximize your interests through a comprehensive advocacy program at the Capitol.

Wednesday, January 12


Jamie Long, Laura Ziegler

At the Core of the Construction Sector and Greenhouse Gas Emissions 

Hear a briefing from key legislators and the Walz Administration actions related to climate so far, and how the cost of greenhouse gases may be factored into future regulations. Analyze what the focus on greenhouse gases may mean for construction operations, equipment, and materials.

Business Development/Operations

Date/Time/Speaker Session Description

Tuesday, January 11

Brandon Maves

Plan for the Unexpected - Transition and Succession Planning

You have thought of everything. The succession plan is going great. Executive management is going to buy the company. What will you do when the plan doesn’t work because of death, disability, retirement, or termination? No one plan is perfect for every business. The plan developed today won’t be the plan needed for tomorrow. Join us to learn how to plan with the end in mind, stay nimble and evaluate the best succession plan for your business.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Day/Time /Speaker Session Description

Tuesday, January 11

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

Cultivating a Culture of Respect, Inclusion & Civility

In this engaging and interactive presentation, Dr. Jermaine Davis will equip leaders and frontline employees with practical tips on how to work inclusively and respectfully up, down, and across their organization. Individuals will learn how to embrace and value the unique and diverse perspective of their peers and colleagues.

Tuesday, January 11

Dr. Jermaine M. Davis

Leading with an Inclusive Lens

Is your organization’s climate inclusive or exclusive? Welcoming or unwelcoming? It is important that leaders, managers, and frontline employees learn how to communicate and work effectively across ALL dimensions of diversity. Leading with an Inclusive Lens prepares leaders and employees at all levels to contribute positively to cultivating an inclusive work environment so EVERYONE can thrive and flourish.

Tuesday, January 11

Brynn Huneke

Culture of CARE and AGC Overview

A detailed overview of Culture of CARE, progress of pledges, AGC of America's DEI Steering Committee work, and the new DEI Assessment, along with new developments from AGC of America. 

Tuesday, January 11

Kisha Bausby

Sharing Best Practices to Engage MWBE Contractors

This session will cover best practices from a general contractors perspective on how to engage Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) contractors and the pitfalls to avoid.

Wednesday, January 12

Christa Mardaus

"Gang Box Talk" Jobsite Culture Focused on Making a Difference

(1.0 CLE requested)


Consideration towards change within our
construction industry we need to focus on
driving a shift on the attitudes, behaviors and
values that contribute to an environment that
allows harassment to occur. We need an
increased focus on culture, not compliance. If
we can make training more engaging, relevant it
will provide better results that will be more

This course will affect attorneys in‐house and in
law firms addressing hiring, retention, creating
inclusive workplaces, understanding the culture
of care, recognizing how implicit biases affect
construction jobsites, contracts, relations, and
setting of MBE goals.

Wednesday, January 12

Jalaal Madyun

Constructing a Culture of Diversity and Inclusion - Where Do We Start?

(1.0 CLE requested)


It is critical to any organization to be cognizant of the demographics of the nation. Advocating for a community that secures equal opportunities and protections for all is a most necessary step. How will your company go about achieving this objective?

Grading and Base

Day/Time /Speaker Session Description

Tuesday, January 11

Harrison King and Andy Reynolds

MNDOT Duluth Twin Ports Interchange Project Case Study

Hear more about the Twin Ports Interchange Project and the prevailing environmental considerations the crew are focusing on including contaminated soils, contaminated groundwater, environmentally sensitive areas adjacent to St. Louis Bay, and trout streams. You name it, this project has it.

Tuesday, January 11

Rebecca Embacher

Material Delivery Management System (MDMS): Using Technology Through Electronic Ticketing

The MDMS will allow the capture of computer generated weigh tickets into a digital format and tracking trucks during transit for recording of truck exchanges.  This is currently being used for bituminous, but will be expanded to other materials including concrete and aggregate. This session will provide construction professionals as rundown of the technology and how it is increasing efficiency in the field.

Tuesday, January 11

Terry Beaudry

The Nitty Gritty: Open Discussion on Grading Specifications 

Many times, specification improvements are mentioned in the field on a project. Take this opportunity to hear from MnDOT on specification conversations and provide real-time feedback outside of field operations.

Tuesday, January 11

John Haas (moderator), Allen Gray

Underground Damage Prevention: Local Initiatives to Improve Safety with Utility Locates

Come to this session to learn about actions local public owners are taking to increase communication among all the various actors working on their projects. You’ll also discover resources your company can access regarding utility damage prevention and partnerships that AGC of America and AGC of MN has to represent utility contractors.

Law and Ethics

Date/Time/Speaker Session Description

Tuesday, January 11


Doug Mork


Building an Ethic of Dignity and Respect

(1.0 Ethics CLE requested)


Our communities are increasingly diverse, not just in racial and ethnic makeup but in values, in the way we see the world and the expectations we have for work and community life. Contractors are critical not just to the built environment but as employers and advocates. What new opportunities do contractors have to build healthy communities? How can contractors be advocates for community standards that level the playing field for both employers and their employees? 

Tuesday, January 11


David Lillahaug


Law and Ethics in the Construction Industry

(1.0 Ethics CLE requested)


Construction industry executives and professionals are required to know and understand the boundaries of statutes, regulations, contract forms, and industry standards.  This session will explore those shifting boundaries.  It will also discuss the non-legal boundaries:  ethics, morality, and reputation. 

Tuesday, January 11


Adam Handfinger



Ethical Construction Contracts: Negotiations, Terms, and Compliance

(1.0 Ethics CLE requested)

This session explores ethical considerations surrounding construction contracts and will address issues presented during all phases of negotiating and performing a construction contract, with both private and government clients.  It will include considerations that arise during the performance of a project and the parties’ compliance with the terms.  The Minnesota Rules of Professional Conduct will also be discussed in the context of construction contracts.

Tuesday, January 11



Construction Contracts

(1.0 CLE requested)

This session will review the differences of the main form contracts and AGC-MN’s form contracts: when do use each, red flags, costs, and other key considerations.  We also will deeper dive into AGC-MN’s new OCA contract and discuss how to handle prefab/modular contracting.  Finally, we will discuss computer software that can analyze contracts, highlight important terms, and create a ‘cheat sheet’ for project managers.


Leadership/Personal Development

Date/Time/Speaker Session Description

Tuesday, January 11


Shelly Peterson


Female Executive: Unicorn Living in a Field of Donkeys

No one ever said leadership was easy.  Leadership can be challenging but leading people can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences.  People look to you for guidance, strength, hope, inspiration and motivation/  Be the unicorn. 

Wednesday, January 12


Tina Nazier, Alyson McKinster

Leading Through the Generations

Whether you are an emerging leader or have been leading for a while, this is a must-join session.  Determining what motivates and drives the various generations in the workforce are critical to attracting and retaining the best talent.  It is also key to creating a strong growth and development plan for your people.  In this session, we will explore the opportunities to bring multiple generations together for the greatest impact in the business. 

Mental Health

Date/Time/Speaker Session Description

Wednesday, January 12


Cal Beyer, Rob Dahl


Survival Tactics and Resilience Strategies in the Aftermath of Construction Crises

The Human Element of Crisis Management is vital. In the midst of Critical Incident Responses to major or catastrophic workplace incidents, Operations, Safety and Human Resources personnel busily execute “emergency response" checklists. Does this Critical Incident Response address the wellbeing of all employees involved? Organizations and the people within them demonstrate widely disparate outcomes in the aftermath of workplace and jobsite crises. Learn the leadership skills, survival tactics, and the resilience strategies that define those that do it well.

Wednesday, January 12



Jonathon Zentner, Rachel Zentner


Your Project, Your Team. Making the Most of Your Most Valuable Asset: The Mind

You won’t want to miss the dynamic brother and sister duo as they discuss the power of the mind as it relates to managing people and managing stress. Listen, learn, and laugh along with Jon and Rachel, siblings who grew up with a variety of personalities. Personalities that have helped them manage projects, teams, and mental health in their careers as a construction law attorney and professional counselor. 

Technology & Innovation

Date/Time/Speaker Session Description

Tuesday, January 11


Patrick J Holtz, Peter Muehlbach


Innovation on Elk River!

A first for the country! Working with MnDOT and WSB and Trimble--the Elk River construction project is the first end to end--digital construction project. It will have a single source of data from design, construction, and operations and maintenance. 

Tuesday, January 11


Adam McMurtrey, CMRP


Connected Maintenance: Leveraging technology and human insights to improve performance and increase operational reliability

The adoption of new technology has become a focus for Construction companies to maintain worker safety, increase productivity, and better manage operating costs.  To achieve these goals, companies need solutions that improve maintenance program performance and increase operational reliability.    However, technology alone won’t solve these challenges - you need human insights to correctly leverage and analyze data and drive improvements in operations and maintenance programs.     This presentation, featuring experts from ExxonMobil’s Connected Maintenance team, will provide a blueprint to help operators build a prescriptive maintenance approach that unlocks the full potential of an integrated construction company.    

Wednesday, January 12


Terri Erickson

Let's Raise the Bar on RFI and Submittal Process

RFI (Request-For-Information) and (Shop Drawing / Vendor Info) Submittal Approval Processes are common workflows that almost everyone in our industry participates in construction.  Are we really using best practices for such routine and repeated processes?  Are there better ways available to us?  Is it time for us to RAISE the bar and INNOVATE our processes?


During this session we will apply Lean thinking to explore better ways to organize, visualize, and improve. 


Each time that this is presented – ideas from participants are collected and then presented in the next session.  This creates a “crowd-sourcing” effect and will allow Innovative Ideas to “snowball”. 


Additionally, this session provides a “safe” place for Innovative Ideas to be shared between Industry Professionals who are upstream or downstream from each participants work. 


It is rare to find yourself standing in the right place at the right time to introduce innovative processes into your workflow or project, so when an opportunity arises, you need to be ready with clever ideas to innovate and “change the rules” towards a better workflow for tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 12


Sharon Scharf


De “Constructing” Cyber Risk

Risk is inherent in everything we do. You can choose to avoid, control, retain, or transfer the risk — all of those are acceptable cyber risk management techniques, but you can’t ignore it. Now you may be saying, “Great, I’m on board, but I have limited resources, so what can I actually do to keep my organization safe?” In this workshop, you’ll learn a few H.E.L.P-ful suggestions that will have a positive impact on protecting your company from a cyber loss while not breaking the bank.

Speaker Bios

Kisha Bausby

Senior DEI Manager, JE Dunn Construction


Kisha has been a key player on JE Dunn’s team since 1994 in the areas of diversity and inclusion, mentoring/development, small business contracting, project requirements, and satisfying the company’s national compliance reporting obligations. Her work with diverse construction trade-partners provides them access and allows them to be competitive, independent, and successful. Most notably, Kisha was instrumental in the development and implementation of JE Dunn’s award-winning Minority Contractor Development Program (MCD). Since 2005, hundreds of minority and women business owners have been trained and prepared to compete for construction contracts. To date, these businesses have acquired more than $250 million in JE Dunn contracts. She is also responsible for pioneering Professional Women of Color KC, a consortium of professional women who exist to inspire, ignite, and celebrate women of color breaking glass ceilings.

In addition, Kisha is known for leading JE Dunn’s trailblazing and highly-recognized participation in high school internship programs in the Greater Kansas City and Denver Metropolitan Areas. The programs include
the Cristo Rey High School (Kansas City, MO) and Arrupe Jesuit High School (Denver, CO) Corporate Work Study Programs; City of Kansas City’s HIRE KC Youth; and I:GROW (Interns: Gaining Relevant Opportunities While Working), a JE Dunn signature program in partnership with the KCPS and KCKPS Districts. Through these programs, many students are mentored, trained, provided substantive internships, prepared for college, and professional career positions after graduation. Construction Workforce Industry compliments (CWID) was birthed from the desire to elimintae barriers and educate the urban core about career opportunities in construction. Kisha is responsible for bringing Union skilled trade organizations, grassroot workforce organizations, various contractors, and resource groups together under one roof with the goal of recruiting minorities, women, Veterans, and individuals with disabilities during an annual expo resulting in countless connections.

Terry Beaudry

Grading, Base, & Aggregate Engineer, MnDOT Office of Materials & Road Research


Graduate of the University of Minnesota Minneapolis with BS degrees in Geophysics and Geology , and a BCE in Civil Engineering.  For the last 30 years Terry has work in the MRR Office in Research and the Concrete Engineering and has led the Aggregate and Physical Testing units.  The last eleven years Terry has lead the Grading and Base Unit.

Cal Beyer, CWP, SCTPP

VP, Workforce Risk & Worker Wellbeing, CSDZ


Cal Beyer, CWP is vice president of workforce risk and worker wellbeing for CSDZ, a Holmes Murphy company. Cal was instrumental in the launch of the Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention. He serves on the Executive Committee for the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention and the Expert Advisory Group for the Center for Workplace Mental Health.  Contact Beyer at cbeyer@CSDZ.com or 651-307-7883.

Rob Dahl, CSP, ARM

Risk/Safety Specialist, CSDZ


Rob joined CSDZ in 2019 and brings nearly 30 years of safety and risk management experience.  He started his construction career with a national heavy, civil, and industrial contractor as a project safety engineer and eventually became a regional safety manager.  He has also been a construction laborer, carpenter, and superintendent for a small commercial contractor.  Prior to joining CSDZ, Rob spent 18 years with national insurance carriers in field consultant and regional manager/director roles in construction and commercial business units.  Throughout his career, he has been involved on projects with numerous ENR Top 400 contactors.  

Rob is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Platteville with a degree in Industrial Technology Management with majors in Industrial Technology Management and Safety Management.  He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Associate in Risk Management (ARM).

Peter Davich, P.E., DBIA

Design-Build Program Manager, Minnesota Department of Transportation


Peter Davich has worked at the Minnesota DOT for the past 20 years.  He spent his earlier years at the DOT working in the Metro Design Office as a Project Manager.  In 2009 he was an overseer for the $50 million Highway 610 Design-Build project.  In 2012 he was the Roadway Manager for the $600 million St Croix River Crossing and he managed the Design-Build portion of the project. 


In 2013 Peter transitioned to his current position as MnDOT’s Design-Build Program Manager.  In this position he develops MnDOT’s programmatic Design-Build policy, he serves as an assistant project manager on each of MnDOT Design-Build projects, and he is generally leads “all things Design-Build”.

Jermaine M. Davis

Founder/CEO, Dr. Jermaine M. Davis Seminars & Workshops, Inc.


Before receiving the prestigious College Instructor of the Year Award, Dr. Jermaine Davis worked in corporate America for IBM, Keebler Cookies, and Frito-Lay. Now, he’s an award-winning Professor of Communication Studies at Century College and Organizational Leadership at St. Kate’s University. Dr. Jermaine has authored10 books. He teaches teams and organizations how to cultivate high-trust cultures and build inclusive work environments utilizing his popular 3 C’s Approach: Communication, Cooperation, and Collaboration.

Rebecca A. Embacher, M.S., P.E.

State Advanced Materials and Technology Engineer, Minnesota Department of Transportation


Rebecca earned her M.S. in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota. She has worked as a research engineer at the University of Minnesota and Minnesota Department of Transportation, a pavement engineer at American Engineering and Testing, Inc., Assistant Grading and Base Engineer at the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and during the past 15 years has been the State Advanced Materials and Technology Engineer at the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Embacher has chaired and served on various Transportation Research Board committees and is currently the team lead on the Intelligent Construction Technologies team with the National Research Alliance and a technical committee member of the International Society for Intelligent Construction.

Terri Erickson

Managing Principal, Kata Consulting


Terri is from St. Paul.  She is the daughter of a General Foreman – Electrician.  She trained and worked as a Structural Engineer for her first 20 years in her career in the design office.  

Now she is the managing principal of Kata Consulting, a firm that is dedicated to improving the delivery process of construction projects and the teams who deliver them using Lean and continuous improvement thinking.  Her clients include Trade Partners, Construction Managers, and Design Firms.

She has been implementing Lean initiatives and management strategies for over 10 years.  She is persistently seeking better ways for our Industry to work and Improve.

Allen Gray

Director, Utility Infrastructure Division, Associated General Contractors of America


Allen is the AGC Utility Infrastructure Division (UID) Director and Lobbyist for AGC of America.  He represents the utility construction industry before the federal government, owners and associated industries as well as serves as a policy strategist on matters associated with utility construction.  Allen serves as information and activism conduit for UID members and manages all Division activities. Before joining AGC of America’s staff, Allen worked for the Carolinas AGC for over 20 years as their Utility Division Director and Lobbyist in North & South Carolina.  Allen serves, or has served on various inter-industry boards and committees including: the USDOT’s Common Ground Study of One Call System Best Practices Steering Team; Common Ground Alliance (CGA) Charter Board of Directors; NC811 Board of Directors; Gold Shovel Standard Board of Directors; USDOT Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration Excavation Damage Prevention Initiative; USDOT Excavator Training Advisory Committee and is an inductee in the CGA Hall of Fame. Mr. Gray has also has served his community as a member of the Riverview Community Water System and Riverview Fire Department Board of Commissioners.

Kevin Hagness

CM/GC Program Manager, MnDOT


Kevin Hagness is the Construction Manager/General Contractor (CM/GC) Program Manager for the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).  Mr. Hagness has worked for MnDOT for 27 years; much of that time in MnDOT’s Metro Construction Office.  Most recently, as MnDOT’s CM/GC Program Manager, he has overseen the development of MnDOT’s CM/GC program and eight CM/GC projects to date.  Mr. Hagness graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Civil Engineering Degree.  He is a Registered Professional Engineer.

Adam Handfinger

Co-Founder and Advisory Board Head, Document Crunch


Adam has been practicing construction law for over 20 years, representing contractors and owners through all phases of a construction project, with a focus on contract negotiation, risk management, project administration, project close-out and post-project litigation of unavoidable disputes.  Adam co-founded Document Crunch to help the construction industry better understand and manage contract risk, avoid disputes and increase profits.

Chris Heeter

Wilderness Guide, Leadership Speaker, Poet, The Wild Institute


Featured on the Discovery Channel’s ‘National Geographic Today‘ and recognized with national awards as a speaker, Chris has followed her own Wild path since she was young. A wilderness guide for over 30 years, she’s been a professional speaker for 18 years. Chris leads groups deep into the wilderness by canoe or dogsled. The abundant parallels between these adventures and the workplace make up the core of her presentations. Chris grabs audiences with humorous stories about her dogs and their personalities, then weaves those stories into practical takeaways. Chris is on a mission to wake up the Wild side of organizations; to break through the trappings of ‘how we’ve always done it;’ and to create Wild and vibrant workplaces that blend heart with solid, successful business strategy.

Brynn Huneke

Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Member Engagement, Associated General Contractors of America


As the director of diversity and inclusion at the Associated General Contractors of America, Brynn Huneke is responsible for promoting effective diversity and inclusion practices within the national association, its 89 chapters and 27,000 member companies. In this role, Brynn works with a passionate group of volunteer members to create a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy for AGC of America. Strategic priorities include diversifying AGC’s existing membership, building a welcoming and engaging association environment, and providing member-companies with tools they need to implement diversity and inclusion programs within their respective companies.

In collaboration with the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, Brynn has implemented a diversity & inclusion awards program that honors diversity champions within AGC’s membership and recognizes outstanding diverse-owned businesses. She has also co-authored a report on the Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion in the Construction Industry. Most recently she launched Culture of CARE, a national program to help companies create more inclusive workplaces.

Brynn holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Minnesota Duluth and a certificate in Strategic Diversity & Inclusion Management from Georgetown University.

Jody Jacoby

Director of Procurement, Metropolitan Council


Jody graduated from MN State U at Mankato with a triple major in public administration, speech communications and the legal track of law enforcement. She is also certified through the National Institute of Public Procurement (NIGP) as a certified public procurement officer (CPPO) and certified procurement professional (CPP). Jody is the chair-elect of the NIGP Member Council. Jody has worked at the Metropolitan Council in procurement for more than 15 years. She has over 22 years of experience in the public sector.

Harrison King

Project Manager, Ames Construction Co.


Harrison King has worked 8 years in the Highway Heavy Industry all with Ames Construction.  Harrison is currently serving as the Civil Project Manager for Ames-Kraemer Joint Venture on the Twin Ports Interchange project in Duluth, MN.

Hon. David Lillehaug

Senior Counsel, Frederickson & Byron, P.A.


David Lillehaug, who recently retired from the Minnesota Supreme Court, has rejoined Fredrikson & Byron.

Former Justice Lillehaug, also a former United States Attorney for Minnesota, focuses his practice on corporate and governmental investigations, administrative law, and complex civil litigation. He is available to serve as a special master, arbitrator, mediator and expert witness.

During seven years on the Supreme Court, Justice Lillehaug sat on more than 600 cases and wrote over 140 opinions. Legal scholars have focused on his jurisprudence on the standards for dismissal and summary judgment in civil cases. He acted as the Court’s liaison to the rules of evidence and criminal procedure committees, the ADR Board, tribal courts and the Lawyers Professional Responsibility Board.

Before serving on the Court, David practiced at Fredrikson for 11 years. His clients included Fortune 100 companies, Minnesota’s governor, three U.S. Senators, the state House of Representatives, the University of Minnesota, the City of Saint Paul, tribal nations and many pro bono litigants. In 2009, as lead local counsel, David tried and won a seven-week U.S. Senate election contest trial before a special three-judge panel.

As part of the firm’s White Collar & Regulatory Defense practice, David dealt frequently with the U.S. Attorney’s Office, the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office, state regulatory agencies, and county and city attorneys. He has considerable experience litigating False Claims Act cases and in leading internal investigations.

David has a niche in complex construction litigation, having founded and chaired the state bar association’s construction law section. Over the years, he has represented building owners, contractors and design professionals in lawsuits, arbitrations and regulatory proceedings. He is an Honorary Fellow of the American College of Construction Lawyers.

Jalaal Maydun

CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellow, National Culture Diversity and Inclusion, RSM


Jalaal Madyun is a CEO Action for Racial Equity Fellow in RSM’s National Culture Diversity and Inclusion office. His focus is helping companies identify, develop, and promote scalable and sustainable public policies and corporate engagement strategies to address systemic racism, social injustice, and improve societal well-being. As an expert facilitator, Jalaal has developed a personal brand for designing innovative learning solutions that lift audiences nationwide to new insights. 

Christa Mardaus

ICRA Instructional Coordinator, Carpenters Training Institute


Christa Mardaus has worked in the construction industry for 20 years, gaining experience in large commercial projects, multi-family wood frame, healthcare construction. As a seasoned Instructor she is passionate about improving communications and working with industry professional to improve work standards for all departments specific to healthcare. In addition to training, she is also involved in committees such as Curriculum Development and Women in the Work Force. Outside of the office, Christa enjoys hockey games, horse shows and family time.

Brandon Maves

Partner, National Construction Leader, RSM


Brandon is the firm’s national construction industry leader and the co-leader of the construction and real estate practice based in Minneapolis. He has experience providing business audit and advisory services to all segments of the construction industry, including general, sub- and specialty contractors, real estate owners, investors, real estate developers, commercial brokerage firms and property management firms. Brandon’s industry knowledge has allowed him to serve the municipal, single and multifamily residential, industrial, commercial, hospitality and retail segments of the construction marketplace.

Brandon also performs internal control documentation and analysis, administrative and back-office restructuring projects, strategic planning, benchmarking, merger and acquisition assistance for both business and income-producing real estate, regulatory compliance projects, and litigation support and expert testimony in the construction industry.

Adam McMurtrey, CMRP

MobilServ Technology Development Mgr, CMRP, ExxonMobil


Adam McMurtrey is a Mobil Serv Field Engineer and certified maintenance and reliability professional based in the Midwest where he untangles operational inefficiencies for manufacturers. He is an author, speaker, and engineer passionate about enhancing the productivity and technological performance of U.S. manufacturing. It is deeply fulfilling to him to help his clients succeed by improving their process while also using data and dashboards to help sustain improvements (especially personnel safety, energy efficiency, OEE, and improving asset utilization).

Doug Mork

Executive Director, Building Dignity and Respect Standards Council (BDC)


Rev. Doug Mork has worked at the intersection of faith, labor and community engagement for more than 30 years. He directed the Program in Ethical Reflection at Carleton College, served as Interim Director of Interfaith Worker Justice in Chicago, helped launch the Twin Cities Social Cohesion Initiative and has led a number of congregations around the Twin Cities metro area. He is currently also one of the pastors at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. 

Peter Muehlbach

Director of Transportation Program Management, WSB


Peter is the Principal /Senior Director Transportation Program Manager for WSB. Peter brings over a decade of experience of local Minnesota project experience in the civil engineering field. He has extensive local experience in civil engineering design and planning for several high profile transit and transportation projects in Minnesota. He graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. He also has a B.A. in Physics from Bethel University.

Tina Nazier, MBA, CPC

Director, Strategic Alignment, Wipfli


As the leader of Wipfli’s Construction and Real Estate Performance and Strategy team, Tina Nazier focuses her talent in helping clients effectively address their strategic, cultural, people, and operational challenges.  Drawing on more than 25 years of experience in strategy, leadership, professional coaching, organizational and cultural development, succession planning, change management and performance improvement, Tina helps leaders and organizations overcome the major issues that create roadblocks to reaching their full potential.

Shelly Peterson

Founder/CEO, Promoting Me, LLC


With over 27 years in the construction industry, $3.5B worth of completed projects in 14 different states, Shelly Peterson is a 3rd generation construction executive known for creating, planning & implementing the strategic direction of business operations.  She has employed and mentored more than 2500 workers in both a union and non-union environment,  using strong leadership skills, development techniques, and personal branding. 

Tom Ravn, P.E.

State Construction Engineer/Office Director, MN Department of Transportation, Office of Construction and Innovative Contracting


Tom is a 1985 Civil Engineering graduate of the University of Minnesota. He has been with MnDOT since 1984 as student worker, laborer, project engineer, resident engineer, Director of Innovative Contracting, and has been the State Construction Engineer since 2007. He and his wife Erin have 3 children.

Sharon Scharf

VP, Executive Risk/Team Lead, CSDZ


Sharon has over 20 years of insurance experience both as an underwriter as well as a broker. In her current role,  Sharon works closely with clients to identify and manage business and executive risks that could adversely impact their business and them personally; recommends solutions to manage the risk either through risk mitigation techniques or transferring the risk via insurance.  Prior to her current role at CSDZ, she worked as an underwriter for Chubb Group of Insurance Companies; and as a Senior Client Advisor and Practice leader for a National Brokerage firm. 

Paul Trombitas

Senior Consultant, FMI Corporation


Paul Trombitas is a senior consultant with FMI’s strategy practice and works with clients across the engineering and construction industry. He is responsible for managing and delivering in-depth market insights focused on the built environment. He is actively involved with clients in developing market strategy, focusing on alternative project delivery methods. Paul has been quoted in multiple publications including ENR regarding the design-build market and maintains key stakeholder relationships that provide unparalleled industry access.


Paul was responsible for developing the U.S. Design-Build Utilization Study in partnership with DBIA. Related publications to Paul’s credit include: “Three Pillars of Consideration for Design-Build Company Success”, “The Growing World of Design-Build”, “Design-Build: Knowing What Your Clients Want”, “How Building Product and Material Manufacturers Can Grab the Design- Build Opportunity by the Horns” and “Leveraging Canada’s Active P3 Market.” Additional publications include: “Managing and Mitigating Risk in Today’s Construction Environment”, “Millennials in Construction: Learning to Engage a New Workforce”, “Prefabrication: The Changing Face of Engineering and Construction.”


Paul received his Bachelor of Science in economics and his Master of Business Administration from East Carolina University.

Jack Uldrich

Global Futurist, Speaker, Author, Jack Uldrich


Jack Uldrich is a well-recognized global futurist, speaker, and the author of thirteen books, including a number of award-winning best sellers. He is a frequent speaker on technology, change management and leadership and has addressed hundreds of corporations, associations and not-for-profit organizations on five continents. He regularly makes television appearances on PBS’s Frontline, the Science Channel, and the Discovery Channel, and is a frequent guest on major media outlets, including CNN, CNBC, Fox and National Public Radio. 

Jack is also an ongoing contributor on emerging technologies and future trends for a number of publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Wired Magazine and Inc.

Jack is a former naval intelligence officer and Defense Department official. He served as the director of the Minnesota Office of Strategic and Long-Range Planning under Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. His most recent book is Business as Unusual: A Futurist’s Unorthodox, Unconventional, and Uncomfortable Guide to Doing Business and his forthcoming book is The Rise of Generation RE.

Wayne Waslaski

Senior Director, MN Department of Administration, Real Estate and Construction Services  


Wayne Waslaski is the Senior Director of Real Estate and Constructions for the Mn Department of Administration.  In this role he leads the team responsible for overseeing over 250 active construction projects totaling more than $150M. 

Jonathan Zentner

Construction Law Attorney, Arthur Chapman Kettering Smetak & Pikala, P.A.  


Jon devotes 100% of his practice advising his construction clients and litigating defect claims, contract disputes, additional-insured litigation, and construction injury claims.  Jon currently serves on Arthur Chapman’s Executive Committee and serves as Board of Director Liaison on the Health & Wellness Committee at the Firm.

Rachel Zentner, MSE, LPC, SAS

Licensed Professional Counselor, Zentner Consulting, LLC


Rachel provides psychotherapy, coaching and workplace consultations and presentations. She specializes in mindfulness-based practices and teaching clients how to master their minds to reach their full potential.


Exhibitor List

The following organizations/firms are currently registered to exhibit at the 2022 Minnesota Construction Summit:
American Engineering Testing
Associated General Contractors of Minnesota
Association of Women Contractors
BMO Harris Bank
Cemstone Products Company
Crossroads Trailer Sales & Service, Inc.
Danny's Construction Company
Eide Bailly LLP
Finance and Commerce Magazine
J & L Steel Erectors
LIUNA / LECET Minnesota & North Dakota
McGough Construction
Milwaukee Tool
Minnesota Builders Exchange (MBEX)
Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Minnesota Department of Transportation NRRA Representative
Minnesota Mulch & Soil
Minnesota Transportation Alliance
Minnesota Utility Contractors Association
Mobile Air & Power Rentals
Molin Concrete Products Company
Northern Technologies, LLC
Purple Wave Auction
Union Construction Workers' Compensation Program
United Rentals
Veit & Company, Inc.



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Holiday Inn St. Paul Downtown
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