CHASE contractors report lowest ever incidence rates!

The Construction Health And Safety Excellence (CHASE) program began in 2002 as a partnership between Minnesota OSHA and AGC of Minnesota. The program is designed to recognize AGC member contractors for their safety programs and performance, while providing incentives for partnership.

This year, AGC of Minnesota contractors in the CHASE program performed at the highest level of safety since the program's inception.  With 17,375,726 work hours reported among all CHASE participants, the combined group total case injury/illness rate was 1.97, 60.6% safer than the Minnesota construction industry 2017 average rate of 5.0.

We take great pride in the fact that our members not only build some of Minnesota's most impressive structures and roadways, but also take great care to send the women and men who work for them home safely to their families at the end of the day. The CHASE program has grown to reflect the very highest caliber of construction safety performance in Minnesota!

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2018 Total Incidence rate = 1.97, the lowest ever since the beginning of CHASE!

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Hotel Viking Lakes project - KA + Dannys + Hunt + ECSI + Northland Concrete.jpg
A recent CHASE Level 3 signing at the Hotel Viking Lakes Project for Kraus-Anderson Construction.  This level 3 project has five CHASE contractors working on it: Kraus-Anderson Construction, Danny's Construction, Hunt Electric, ECSI, and Northland Concrete and Masonry.


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